lizard with stripes on back

Sometimes many anoles can be found taking refuge in one spot.Unlike many other lizards in our region, ground skinks virtually never climb. Like many other lizards, southeastern five-lined skinks will break off their tails when restrained, distracting the predator and allowing the lizard to escape.Glass lizards are long, slender, legless lizards that superficially resemble snakes. Although sometimes seen in the open, these lizards are most often found beneath logs or under tree bark. When pursued, broadhead skinks run for the nearest tree or log and can be quite difficult to capture. Although they are primarily freshwater animals, alligators will also venture into the brackish salt water.Broadhead skinks are the largest skink in the southeast, and with the exception of the glass lizards, are the largest lizards in our region. Like the skink, they're most active during the day and during hotter months.Invasive lizard populations have increased since the 19th century and pose as a threat to the survival of the native types of lizards in Florida, which have to compete for food and habitat space.Some of the Florida scrub lizard's physical characteristics are the spiny scales on its back and two dark brown stripes that run from head to tail. These reptiles' natural habitat are sandy areas, as their name suggests, and coniferous forests with pine trees. Young have a bright blue tail while adult males often loose their stripes and develop reddish or orange coloration on the head.Alligators are long-lived animals whose life spans can exceed 60 years. It looked more like an iguana. The head also has three white stripes. They are usually grey with broad brown stripes across their back and tail, and of course their most unique distinguishing feature is their blue tongue. On hot summer days, they can sometimes be seen basking with their mouths open. However, adults often fade to uniform gray or brown, and mature males develop enlarged orange heads with powerful jaws. Females and juveniles occasionally use seasonal wetlands. Often, when basking in the sun, the colors of a lizard's skin can become bright and vibrant like the collared Lizard. The hind legs of six-linted racerunners are nearly twice as large as its front legs.Humans have chances to see reef geckos under leaves and debris on Florida's beaches. They range from golden brown to almost black in coloration but are most often coppery brown with a darker stripe running along each side of the body. The gold-striped salamander, golden-striped salamander, saramaganta or píntega rabilonga (Chioglossa lusitanica) is a species of salamander in the family Salamandridae.It is the only species of the genus Chioglossa.It is found in the north-west of Iberia at an altitude of up to 1,300 m.. Total length, approximately 7-8 inches. The back color is dependent on range. A male can either have a blue-green or a yellow-green head. To warm themselves, alligators bask in the sun, which is when they are frequently observed on the banks of water bodies. The Southeastern five-lined skink, also called the blue-tailed lizard, is a black lizard with yellow stripes commonly found in the Southeastern United States, including Georgia, Florida, Alabama, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Virginia. The body is gray, brown, or black, in background color with five white or yellowish stripes (two on each side and one down the center of the back). Ecologically, alligators are important predators and create important habitat for other wildlife by digging holes that hold water during droughts.Alligators live in swampy areas, rivers, streams, lakes, and ponds.

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