Where is Theresa May today

Welcome from Theresa. There may be more to the former Prime Minister’s anger in the Commons earlier today than the immediate issue of the appointment of David Frost as National Security Adviser. Latest Theresa May news on her resignation as British Prime Minister and Tory leader, plus more on her husband Philip, speeches and Twitter updates. Could Wednesday be the day Britain moves towards a second referendum?The plan will dismay the hardline Brexiteers in her own party, who for so long have opposed her Withdrawal Agreement -- and may now, as a result, lose the hard Brexit they desire.As Theresa May resets her Brexit strategy, we're pressing pause on our live coverage.Expect plenty of fallout in the Conservative Party too, as furious hardliners respond to May's offer to Corbyn.He added that Labour would "hold in reserve" the option of calling a no confidence motion in May's government, which could trigger a general election if it were successful.

As I say, this seems eminently sensible, especially compared to some the nonsense spewing forth from the Hard Brexit lobby in recent months.Great. Theresa May's statement represented a significant shift in her Brexit approach, moving away from the prospect of a no-deal split and bringing opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn into … They want to find a solution – especially Germany and France. When May, who succeeded Cameron as prime minister in July 2016, steps down today to make way for her successor, Boris Johnson, ... Read: Theresa May’s final humiliation.

But there is no rosy post-Brexit vision here.
"People did not vote for a Corbyn-May coalition government – they voted for a Conservative government, which became a confidence and supply with the DUP," he said, referring to the small Northern Irish party that notionally props up May's administration.So this short extension, and a compromise in favor of what will likely be a softer Brexit, bows to the political winds. Guido understands Theresa May has been fuming all day about reports she was “bullied and humiliated” by Donald Trump over the phone during her premiership. What reassurances she does give are along the lines of David Davis’s (admittedly somewhat disappointing) assertion that the UK wasn’t about to turn into “Mad Max-style world borrowed from dystopian fiction”.“ I am in no doubt that whatever agreement we reach with the EU, our future is bright.
She has never pretended not to support our place in the EU, and perhaps the Brexit-loving wing of the Tory Party is now starting to see what it means to put a Remainer in charge of Leaving. Theresa May announced she would step down as Conservative Party leader on 7 June; She broke down in tears as she said serving as prime minister was "the honour of my life"

Mrs May cut a casual figure as she donned a pair of sunglasses and white Converse trainers. "It’s more of the same, it always continues," one diplomat told CNN, bemoaning May's plan to a second short extension to the Brexit process.Please enable JavaScript for a better experience.Theresa May's offer to bring Jeremy Corbyn into Brexit talks hasn't gone down well with the Brexit hardliners in her own party.But the war it might start in the Conservative Party might be terminal. "I think getting the support of a known Marxist is not likely to instill confidence in Conservatives," he added.

They are interested in helping Theresa May. Even as recently and last week, some close to the PM were trying to brief that she privately favored no deal.

Where’s the £350m for the NHS? On May 24, 2019, Theresa May resigned from her position as the prime minister of the United Kingdom (although she will continue on until a successor is chosen). She says: “I will shortly leave the job that it has been the honour of my life to hold. It is the equivalent of, having shot ourselves in the foot, announcing to the world that we would now be seeking the very best medical attention in order to staunch the bleeding. Theresa May's voice breaks as she ends her resignation speech. A soft Brexit *and* an offer to work with the opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn, a man many Conservatives believe to be a risk to national security? (Jeremy Corbyn's politics sit to the far left of the Labour Party. I shall be posting the latest news on local issues and campaigns here, so please stop by to keep up to date. "The Prime Minister has recognized what many have been saying for weeks – that there’s no majority for her deal in Parliament.From CNN’s Erin McLaughlin and James Frater in BrusselsTheresa May's statement represented a significant shift in her Brexit approach, moving away from the prospect of a no-deal split and bringing opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn into the equation.The political will in the UK is to avoid a no-deal Brexit.

"This approach to government is an unsuccessful one and it also lacks democratic legitimacy," Mogg said in response to May's speech, according to the Press Association.

Theresa Mary May is a British Conservative Party politician who has been Home Secretary of the UK since 2010. Theresa May's energy price cap has failed to end rip-offs, warns senior MP

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